3-4-5 July 2014
The 100 cellos are not getting a rest in 2014, and after founding the “ITALIAN CELLO SOCIETY”, and the magical event of last May in Milan, the 100 cellos led by Giovanni Sollima are ready for the next event . Still in 2014 ! The 100 cellos are FLYING to BUDAPEST where in collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura and the Italian Embassy in Hungary, we are organizing a concert for the Inauguration of the Semester of Italian Presidency of the European Union.
imagesThe formula is very simple: food and board are offered to all cellists wishing to partecipate. Cellists are responsible for their own travel. In order to enroll please fill out the form (which you will find below in the next few hours) To register it is necessary to provide a copy of the plane/train ticket in  order to make sure that people that register will show up so we do not waste resourses in hotel or food. Only if you are sure you can attend, and only with your active involvement , you can participate in our meetings .download (1)
Furthermore, we inform you that theItalian Art Institute in Budapest is circulating advertisements to this event , for the collection of cellists , independently. In any case the form to fill out on this site is the only way to gain access to the event, but you can still contact the IIC to request specific information about the area or information of a general nature.
We obviously take care of the artistic aspects and therefore any questions about the program, parts , etc. can be addressed to us via the usual email100celli@gmail.com .
This time we will have a more defined program (hopefully!) and we will have two  days of rehearsals ( we will certainly do a couple of Blitz!) and we will focus on the artistic part on a single Concert on July 5th. The appointment if on July 3rd in the morning at the Italian Institute of Culture, address:  Bródy S. u. 8. for rehearsals in the afternnon and evening,  and on the 4th, all day for rehearsal and some blitz! The concert will take place on the evening of July 5th in front of the Cathedral of Budapest. The IIC will take care of hotel and food from July 3rd until departure on the 6th. If you cannot find a cheap flight in the morning we’ll wait for you even in the evening!
downloadThis event represents the fusion of Italian and Hungarian people in a unique artistic gesture . The Hungarian cellist will be numerous, but we also Italian and other European nations, must respond with enthusiasm to this call, to carry out our cello tradition in Europe, and to bring about the philosophy of 100celli , which, slowly,  will conquer the world  …
We are looking forward to meet you in Budapest!
In a few hours you can fill out the form to complete the registration .
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